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Books for Coin Collectors

Ancient & Medieval Coins
A Thousand Years of Bohemian Coinage 925-1929 by Katz$8.00
Ancient Coin Collecting 2nd ed.$29.99
Ancient Coin Collecting II - Numismatic Art of the Greek World$24.95
Ancient Coin Collecting III - The Roman World-Politics and Propaganda$24.95
Ancient Coin Collecting IV - Roman Provincial Coins$24.95
Ancient Coin Collecting V - The Romaion/Byzantine Culture$24.95
Ancient Coin Collecting VI - Non-Classical Cultures$24.95
Ancient Greek & Roman Coins by Klawans/Bressett$13.95
Ancient History Atlas by M. Grant$13.00
Athenian Coinage by C. Starr$25.00
Catalog of Alexandrian Coins by J. G. Milne$55.00
Catalog of Coins in the British Museum - Syria$30.00
Classical Deception - Counterfeits, Forgeries and Reproductions of Ancient Coins$24.95
Coinage in Roman Britain by Richard Breece$39.95
Coinage in the Greek World by I. Carradice & M. Price$39.95
Coinage of the Roman Imperial Policy by Sutherland$25.00
Coins of the Bible Days by F. A. Banks$16.00
Collecting Roman Coins by Kiely/Van Meter$14.95
Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins by J. M. Jones$65.00
Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins by J. M. Jones$65.00
Dictionary of Greek Coin Inscriptions by S. Icard$50.00
Early Chinese Coinage by Y. C. Wang$35.00
Essays on the Coinage of Alexander the Great$30.00
Facing Heads on Ancient Greek Coins by A. Baldwin$8.00
Introduction to Late Roman (Byzantine) Coinage$15.00
Late Roman Bronze Coinage by Kent, Hill, and Carson$25.00
Medieval Iberian Coinage by Anderson & Lhotka$15.00
Monumental Coins by Tameanko$39.95
Monuments of Ancient Rome as Coin Types by P. Hill$50.00
Outline of Ancient Greek Coins by Z. Klawans$15.00
Roman Coins by H. Mattingly$75.00
Roman London by Dominic Perring$37.00
Roman North Africa by E. Lennox Manton$35.00
Roman Republic Money & Coins 63BC - 49BC$45.00
Royal Greek Portrait Coins by E. T. Newell$15.00
Standard Ptolemaic Silver by E. T. Newell$6.00
Symbolism on Greek Coins by A. Baldwin$20.00
Syrian Tetradrachms by A. R. Bellinger$30.00
Tetradrachms of Roman Egypt by J. Curtis$55.00
The Coinage of Nero by E. Sydenham$20.00
The Dictionary of Roman Coin Inscriptions by Westdal$12.00
Troy, the Coins by A. R. Bellinger$35.00
Canadian Coins & Tokens
Charlton Colonial Token Workbook$14.95
Standard Catalog Canadian Colonial Tokens 3rd Ed$24.95
Standard Catalog of Canadian Coins 58th ed.$12.95
Coin Collecting
Cleaning and Preservation of Coins and Medals$16.00
Coin Clinic - 1,001 Frequently Asked Questions$9.95
How You Can Profit From Gold by Sinclair and Schultz$14.95
International Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatics$39.95
Money Makers International by W. Kranister$59.95
The Investor’s Guide to Coin Trading by Scott Travers$24.95
English Coins & Tokens
Biographical Dictionary of Dark Age Britain$45.00
Coincraft’s 2000 Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins 1066 to Date$37.95
Coins & Medals of the English Civil War by E. Beasley$39.95
English Silver Coinage from 1649 by Rayner$45.00
Saxon London by Alan Vince$37.00
Spinks Catalog of British Colonial, Commonwealth Coins$40.00
U. S. Coins
ANA Grading Guide$13.95
Bibliography of U.S. Numismatic Auction Catalogs/Durst$30.00
Blackbook of United States Coins 2004 42nd ed.$7.99
Coinage of the U. S. Branch Mints$10.00
Coins Questions and Answers$7.95
Collectable American Coins by K. Bressett w/ANA$35.00
Comp Cat of Washington Quarter$16.95
Complete Guide to Barber Halves$24.95
Complete Guide to Barber Quarters by David Lawrence$29.95
Complete Guide To Buffalo Nickels$29.95
Complete Guide To Franklin Half Dollars by Tomaska$24.95
Complete Guide To Lincoln Cents by Lange$43.95
Complete Guide To Mercury Dimes by Lange$29.95
Complete Guide to Walking Liberty Half Dollars by Fox$29.95
Complete Guide To Washington Quarters by Geigenbaum$16.95
Comprehensive Catalog of Morgan/Peace Dollars by Van Allen/Mallis$79.95
Crime of 1873 - The Comstock Connection$34.95
Early Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836 Supplement$7.95
Encyclopedia of U.S. & Colonial Proof Coins$29.95
Encyclopedia of U.S. Commemorative Coins$29.95
Guidebook of United States Coins (Redbook) 2004 Hardbound 58th ed.$15.95
History of the U. S. Mint and Coinage by G. G. Evans$20.00
Major Variety and Oddity, 8th Edition$4.95
Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection$29.95
Penny Whimsey by S. Sheldon$60.00
Photograde by J. Ruddy 18 ed.$12.95
Private Gold Coins and Pattern$29.95
Proof Coins Struck at the U. S. Mint by W. Breen$10.00
Seated Liberty Dollars by W. White$10.00
Seated Liberty Quarters by Briggs$59.95
The Cherrypicker’s Guide To Rare Die Varieties$29.95
The Complete Lincoln Cent Encyclopedia$15.95
The Design Cud by Marvin and Margolis$10.95
The Liberty Seated Dollar$10.00
The RPM Book by Wexler/Miller$14.95
The U.S. Coin Digest 2005$12.99
Twisted Tails$9.95
Two Cent Pieces and Varieties by M. Kliman$10.00
U. S. Mint and Coinage by D. Taxay$35.00
U.S. Numismatic Auction Catalogs$35.00
U. S. Patterns and Related Issues by Pollock$79.00
United States Coin Price Trends by Bressett/Bowers$14.95
United States Half Dimes by D. W. Valentine$35.00
Unofficial, Misstruck, and Counterfeit U.S. Coins/Taxay$10.00
Walking Liberty Half Dollars by A. Swiatek$10.00
Warman’s Coins & Paper Money - A Value & Identification Guide 2nd ed.$21.95
U. S. Colonial Coins
Coinage of William Wood by P. Nelson$7.00
Coins of New Jersey by E. Maris$12.00
Colonial Coins of Vermont by H. Ryder and E. Slatter$10.00
Copper Coins of Massachusetts by H. Ryder$7.00
Early Coins of America by S. S. Crosby$45.00
Forgotten Coins of the North American Colonies$50.00
Massachusetts Silver Coinage by S. Noe$35.00
State Coinage of Connecticut by H. C. Miller$30.00
U. S. Tokens and Medals
Collector’s Guide to Nevada Gaming Checks/Chips$29.95
Early American Tokens, 1700 - 1832, 3rd Edition$12.95
Franklin in Numismatics by E. G. Bradfield$8.00
Hard Times Tokens by L. H. Low$25.00
Medals of the U. S. Mint by R. W. Julian$34.95
Ohio Merchant Tokens by Lipscomb$29.95
So-Called Dollars by E. Kenney$6.00
Standard Catalog of Hard Times Tokens 1832-1844$29.95
The Hobo Nickel by Romines$29.95
Tokens of the Gay Nineties, 1890 - 1900, 1st Edition$12.95
U. S. Merchant Tokens, 1845 - 1860, 3rd Edition$16.95
World Coins
A Numismatic History of Mexico by A. Pradeau$25.00
Australasian Tokens and Coins by A. Andrews$35.00
Blackbook of World Coins 1st Ed$6.99
Chinese Cash by O. D. Crisswell$12.00
Chinese Cash - Identification and Price Guide$42.95
Collecting World Coins - A Century of Circulating Issues 1901 -Present 10th ed.$32.99
Contemporary World Gold Coins by S. Durst$10.00
Currencies of China by E. Kann$45.00
German Church and City Talers 1600-1700 by Davenport$25.00
Gold Coins of the World$60.00
Illustrated Coin Dating Guide for the Eastern World$9.95
Large Size Silver Coins of the World 3rd ed.$60.00
Merchant Countermarks on World$29.95
Mexican Imperial Coinage and Medals by B. Betts$8.00
Money of the World by R. Doty$30.00
North American Coins & Prices 2004 - A Guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins 13th ed.$17.99
POW & Concentration Camp Money of 20th Cent hard$35.00
POW & Concentration Camp Money of 20th Cent soft$25.00
Silver & Nickel $’s of Canada$14.95
Standard Catalog of German Coins 1601-Present 2nd ed.$59.00
Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1601-1700 3rd ed.$65.00
Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1701-1800 3rd ed.$70.00
Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801-1900 3rd ed.$50.00
Standard Catalog of World Coins 2005 32nd ed.$54.99
Standard Catalog of World Coins Spain, Portugal and the New World$49.95
Standard Catalog of World Crowns and Talers 1601-1992$75.00
Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins 4th ed.$100.00
Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins, 3rd Edition$60.00
U.S. - Philippine Coins by Lyman L. Allen$22.95
World Gold Coin Value Guide by S. Durst$9.00
World Gold/Sil. Coin Weights$3.95
World Silver Coin Value Guide by S. Durst$9.00
World Tokens and Medals
Introduction to Commemorative Medals by C. Eimer$29.95
Latin American Tokens by Russell Rulau$29.95
The Medals of Giovanni Cavino the Paduan by Lawrence$6.00