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Books on Collectibles

Antique Trader Advertising Price Guide$16.95
Classic Railroad Advertising - Riding the Rails Again$39.95
Petretti’s Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide 11th ed.$47.95
Petretti’s Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide 3rd ed.$34.99
The Encyclopedia of Pepsi-Cola Collectibles 2nd ed.$34.95
Antique Trader Country Americana Price Guide 2nd ed.$21.95
Black Americana Price Guide$17.95
Warman’s Americana & Collectibles 10th ed.$18.95
Warman’s Country Antiques 2nd ed.$24.99
2004 Standard Guide to Cars & Prices - Prices for Collector Vehicles 1901-1996 16th ed.$17.99
75 Years of Pontiac - The Official History$29.95
American Dream Cars$24.95
An Illustrated Guide to Gas Pumps - Identification and Price Guide$34.95
Chrysler Muscle$24.99
Classic Muscle Car Advertising$21.95
Complete Wheel & Tire Buyer’s Guide$21.99
Dodge M37 Restoration Guide$19.95
GMC - The First 100 Years$29.95
Model T Ford$39.95
Modern Techniques for Auto Restoration$21.95
Mustang America’s Favorite Pony Car 2nd ed.$21.95
New York City Fire Trucks$19.95
Pedal Car Restoration and Price Guide$24.95
Professional Cars$24.99
RV Digest$24.99
Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942 3rd ed.$55.00
Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975 4th ed.$34.95
Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1976-1999 3rd ed.$34.95
Standard Catalog of American Light-Duty Trucks 3rd ed.$34.95
Standard Catalog of Buick, 1903-2000 2nd ed.$21.95
Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000 2nd ed.$21.95
Standard Catalog of Camaro 1967-2002$24.95
Standard Catalog of Chevelle 1964-1987$24.99
Standard Catalog of Chevrolet, 1912-2003 3rd ed.$24.99
Standard Catalog of Chrysler, 1914-2000 2nd ed.$22.95
Standard Catalog of Corvette 1953-2001$24.95
Standard Catalog of Ferrari 1947-2002$24.99
Standard Catalog of Firebird 1967-2002$24.95
Standard Catalog of Ford 1903-2003 3rd ed.$24.95
Standard Catalog of GTO 1961-1993$24.99
Standard Catalog of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles$24.99
Standard Catalog of Imported Cars 1946-2002 2nd ed.$32.95
Standard Catalog of Jeep 1940-2003$24.99
Standard Catalog of Light Duty Dodge Trucks 1917-2002$24.95
Standard Catalog of Light-Duty Ford Trucks 1905-2002$34.95
Standard Catalog of Mustang 1964-2001$24.95
Standard Catalog of Oldsmobile 1897-1997$21.95
Standard Catalog of Pontiac 1926-2002 2nd ed.$21.95
Standard Catalog of Thunderbird$24.99
Standard Catalog of V-8 Engines 1906-2002$24.95
Standard Catalog to British Sports Cars$24.99
Standard Catalog to Building Street Rods & Custom Cars$21.95
Standard Guide to American Muscle Cars - A Supercar Source Book 1960-2000 3rd ed.$24.95
T-Bird 45 Years of Thunder 2nd ed.$21.95
The Fabulous ’50s - The Cars, The Culture$14.95
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Trucks & Commercial Vehicles$34.95
The Legendary Model A Ford$34.95
The Story of Jeep$21.95
Tow Trucks$21.99
Trucks in 1000 Photos$24.99
Ultimate Auto Album - An Illustrated History of the Automobile$16.95
Ultimate Car Spotter’s Guide 1946-1969$21.95
Ultimate Truck & Van Spotter’s Guide 1925-1990$23.95
Vintage Car Wrecks$19.99
Volkswagen Beetles, Buses & Beyond$19.95
Guide to Lace and Linens$24.95
The Complete Guide to Vintage Textiles$19.95
Vintage Clothing 1880-1980 - Identification and Value Guide 3rd ed.$22.95
Comic Books
2004 Comic Book Checklist and Price Guide - 1961 to Present 10th ed.$19.99
Baby Boomer Comics$27.99
Comics Values Annual 2004 4th ed.$19.99
Standard Catalog of Comic Books 2nd ed.$34.99
300 Years of Farm Implements and Machinery 1630-1930$19.99
Encyclopedia of American Farm Implements & Antiques 2nd ed.$29.99
Standard Catalog of Farm Tractors 1890 to 1960$29.95
Unusual Vintage Tractors$19.95
Antique Trader Furniture Price Guide 2nd ed.$19.99
Encyclopedia of American Oak Furniture$27.95
Four Centuries of American Furniture$24.95
Furniture Field Guide$12.95
The Big Book of Antique Furniture$19.99
Warman’s American Furniture$24.95
Warman’s How to be a Furniture Detective$19.99
General Antiques & Collectibles
Antique Trader Answers to Questions About Antiques and Collectibles$14.99
Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2004 Price Guide$17.99
Antique Trader Guide to Fake and Forged Marks$24.95
Antique Trader Guide to Fakes & Reproductions 3rd ed.$24.99
Antique Trader Oriental Antiques and Art 2nd ed.$24.99
Maloney’s Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory 7th ed.$32.99
Mr. Antiques’ Basic Book of Antiques 4th ed.$21.95
Secrets to Affordable Antiques$17.99
The Wade Price Guide 2003-4 2nd ed.$19.95
Today’s Hottest Collectibles 2nd ed.$24.95
Vintage Halloween Collectibles$24.99
Warman’s American Clocks Field Guide$12.99
Warman’s Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 38th ed.$19.99
Warman’s Flea Market Price Guide 3rd ed.$21.99
Warman’s Sterling Silver Flatware$24.99
Warman’s Tobacco Collectibles$24.99
Zippo Lighters$24.99
American Cut & Engraved Glass$45.00
Antique Trader American & European Decorative and Art Glass Price Guide 2nd ed.$19.95
Antique Trader American Pressed Glass & Bottles Price Guide 2nd ed.$21.95
Antique Trader Bottles Identification and Price Guide 4th ed.$17.95
Art Glass Identification & Price Guide$27.99
Collectible Teapots - A Reference & Price Guide$26.95
Collecting Carnival Glass 2nd ed.$21.95
Collecting Lalique Perfume Bottles & Glass 2nd ed.$24.95
Depression Era Glassware Identification & Value Guide 4th ed.$22.95
Early American Pattern Glass 2nd ed.$24.95
Fifty Years of Collectible Glass 1920-1970 Volume I - Tableware, Kitchenware, Barware & Water Sets$26.95
Fifty Years of Collectible Glass 1920-1970 Volume II - Stemware, Decorations, Accessories$26.95
Glass A to Z$24.95
Heisey Glass - The Early Years: 1896-1924$26.95
Warman’s Depression Glass - A Value & Identification Guide 3rd ed.$27.95
Warman’s Depression Glass Field Guide$12.95
Warman’s Glass 4th ed.$24.95
Warman’s Lalique$27.99
Warman’s Pattern Glass - A Value and Identification Guide 2nd ed.$21.95
300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles - Identification & Value Guide 5th ed.$29.95
American Sterling Silver Flatware 1830s to 1990s - An Identification & Value Guide$22.95
Antique Trader Clocks Price Guide$17.95
Antique Trader Lamps & Lighting Price Guide$17.95
Antique Trader Metalwares Price Guide 2nd ed.$17.95
Antique Trader Tools Price Guide$19.99
Antique Trunks$24.99
Collectibles for the Kitchen, Bath & Beyond - A Pictorial Guide 2nd ed.$29.95
Make Time for Clocks$16.99
Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles$24.99
The Vintage House Book$21.99
100 Legendary Knives$29.95
2005 Sporting Knives 4th ed.$22.99
American Premium Guide to Knives & Razors 5th ed.$24.95
Antique American Switchblades$24.99
Complete Book of Pocketknife Repair$11.95
How to Make Folding Knives - A Step-By-Step How-To$15.95
How to Make Knives$13.95
Knife Talk II: The High Performance Blade$19.99
Knife Talk - The Art & Science of Knifemaking$14.95
Knives 2004 24th ed.$22.99
Levine’s Guide to Knives & Their Values 5th ed.$29.95
Modern Custom Knives$24.99
Old Fishing Lures & Tackle 6th ed.$34.95
Tactical Knives$24.99
The Complete Guide to Hunting Knives$19.95
The Tactical Folding Knife - A Study Of The Anatomy And Construction Of The Liner-Locked Folder$16.95
The Wonder of Knifemaking$19.95
Tying Trout Flies$24.95
Warman’s Fishing Lures Field Guide$12.99
Wayne Goddard’s $50 Knife Shop$19.95
100 Years of Vintage Watches - A Collector’s Identification & Price Guide$24.95
Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry, 1840-1950 6th ed.$27.99
Antique Trader Jewelry Price Guide$17.95
Collectible Costume Jewelry - ID and Value Guide 3rd ed.$19.95
Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry 4th ed.$24.95
Costume Jewelry$24.99
Costume Jewelry Variations$22.99
How to be a Jewelry Detective$18.95
Vintage Jewelry$24.95
Warman’s Antique Jewelry Field Guide$12.95
Warman’s Jewelry 3rd ed.$29.95
Limited Edition
2002 Price Guide to Contemporary Collectibles and Limited Editions 8th ed.$21.95
Collecting Lladro - Identification & Price Guide 2nd ed.$29.99
Luckey’s Hummel Figurines & Plates - ID and Value Guide 12th ed.$27.95
Warman’s Hummel Field Guide$12.99
Classic War Birds in Color$19.99
Collector’s Guide to British Army Campaign Medals$29.95
German Military Collectibles Price Guide$16.95
Standard Catalog of U.S. Military Vehicles 1940-1965 2nd ed.$32.99
Standard Guide to U.S. World War II Tanks & Artillery$24.95
Warman’s Civil War Collectibles$24.95
American Premium Record Guide, 1900-1965 6th ed.$27.95
Antique Radio Restoration Guide 2nd ed.$16.95
Goldmine Jazz Album Price Guide$24.95
Goldmine Price Guide to 45 RPM Records 4th ed.$24.99
Goldmine Record Album Price Guide 3rd ed.$24.99
Goldmine Records & Prices 2nd ed.$17.99
Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records, 1950-1975 3rd ed.$34.95
Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records, 1976 to Present$27.95
Goldmine Standard Catalog of Rhythm and Blues Records$24.95
Guide to Old Radios - Pointers, Pictures and Prices 2nd ed.$19.95
Motown: The Golden Years$24.95
The Complete Book of Doo-Wop$24.95
Warman’s American Records, 1950-2000 - Identification & Price Guide$21.95
Warman’s Records Field Guide$12.99
Native American
Collecting Indian Knives - Identification and Values 2nd ed.$19.95
North American Indian Artifacts - A Collector’s Identification and Value Guide 6th ed.$26.95
Warman’s Native American Collectibles - A Price Guide & Historical Reference$24.95
Other Collectibles
Antique Hardware Price Guide$21.95
Encyclopedia of Antique American Clocks 2nd ed.$29.99
Encyclopedia of Antique Tools & Machinery$24.95
Encyclopedia of Petroliana - Identification and Price Guide$29.95
Limoges Boxes - A Complete Guide$29.95
Standard Price Guide to U.S. Scouting Collectibles 2nd ed.$26.95
Antique Trader Book Collector’s Price Guide$24.99
Collecting Little Golden Books - A Collector’s Identification and Price Guide 5th ed.$27.99
Collector’s Guide to Early Photographs 2nd ed.$19.95
Propaganda Postcards of World War II$21.95
Standard Catalog, of Stocks & Bonds$39.95
Stereo Views - An Illustrated History & Price Guide 2nd ed.$24.95
Pop Culture
Inside the Yellow Submarine - The Making of The Beatles’ Animated Classic$24.95
Marilyn Memorabilia - Putting a Price on the Priceless Performer$24.95
Marilyn Monroe: Cover to Cover 2nd ed.$24.99
Television’s Cowboys, Gunfighters & Cap Pistols$31.95
The Beatles Digest 2nd ed.$19.95
The Collectible ’70s - A Price Guide to the Polyester Decade$25.95
The Ultimate Roy Rogers Collection - Identification & Price Guide$24.95
Pottery & Porcelain
Antique Trader American & European Art Pottery Price Guide 2nd ed.$17.95
Antique Trader Pottery & Porcelain Ceramics Price Guide 4th ed.$19.99
Collecting SylvaC Pottery$19.95
Price Guide to Holt-Howard Collectibles and Other Related Ceramicwares of the ’50s & ’60s$24.95
Warman’s American Pottery & Porcelain 2nd ed.$24.95
Warman’s English & Continental Pottery & Porcelain 3rd ed.$27.95
Warman’s Fiesta Ware$24.99
Warman’s McCoy Pottery$24.99
Warman’s Roseville Pottery$24.99
2004 Baseball Card Price Guide 18th ed.$17.99
2004 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards 13th ed.$39.99
Antique Golf Collectibles - A Price and Reference Guide 3rd ed.$29.99
Green Bay Packers: A Measure of Greatness$32.99
Standard Catalog of Sports Memorabilia 3rd ed.$24.99
The Encyclopedia of Professional Wrestling - 100 Years of the Good, the Bad and the Unforgettable 2nd ed.$24.99
Tuff Stuff 2003 Standard Catalog of Basketball Cards 6th ed.$21.95
Tuff Stuff 2004 Standard Catalog of Football Cards 7th ed.$24.99
Warman’s Baseball Card Field Guide$12.99
Warman’s Sports Collectibles$21.95
200 Years of Dolls - Identification and Price Guide 2nd ed.$27.95
2002 Toys & Prices 9th ed.$18.95
A Universe of Star Wars Collectibles 2nd ed.$29.95
Antique Trader Doll Makers & Marks - A Guide to Identification$29.95
Antique Trader Toys Price Guide$14.95
Bobbing Head Dolls 1960-2000$19.95
Collecting American-Made Toy Soldiers - Identification and Value Guide 3rd ed.$32.95
Collecting Dinky Toys$24.95
Collecting Foreign-Made Toy Soldiers - Identification and Value Guide$32.95
Collector’s Guide to PEZ - Identification & Price Guide 2nd ed.$24.99
Fisher-Price - A Historical, Rarity & Value Guide 1931-Present 3rd ed.$29.95
Funny Face - An Amusing History of Potato Heads, Block Heads, and Magic Whiskers$21.95
GI Joe Official Identification & Price Guide: 1964-1999$25.95
Hot Wheels Variations - The Ultimate Guide 2nd ed.$29.99
How to be a Doll Detective$18.95
O’Brien’s Collecting Toy Cars & Trucks - Identification & Value Guide 4th ed.$27.99
O’Brien’s Collecting Toys - Identification & Value Guide 11th ed.$29.99
Schuco Classic Tin Toys$29.95
Scrye Collectible Card Game Checklist & Price Guide 2nd ed.$22.99
Standard Catalog of 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Cars$27.99
Standard Catalog of Die-Cast Vehicles$29.95
Standard Catalog of Farm Toys - Identification and Price Guide 2nd ed.$29.99
The Best of Barbie - Four Decades of America’s Favorite Doll$39.95
The Complete Encyclopedia to GI Joe 3rd ed.$27.95
The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book$39.95
Toys A to Z - A Guide and Dictionary for Collectors, Antique Dealers and Enthusiasts$19.95
Ultimate Barbie$24.99
Warman’s Barbie Doll Field Guide$12.99
Warman’s Bean Plush Field Guide$12.99
Warman’s Hot Wheels Field Guide$12.99
Warman’s Toys Field Guide$12.99