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Books on Currency

U. S. Currency
Collecting Paper Money by Colin Narbeth$19.95
Collecting Paper Money For Pleasure & Profit by Krause$18.95
College Currency > Money For Business Training$95.00
Comp. Catalog of Military Payment Certs by Schwan$35.00
Complete Catalog of U.S. Paper Money Errors$25.00
Comprehensive Catalog of Confederate Paper Money by Criswell$35.00
Confederate States Paper Money 10th ed.$21.95
Early Paper Money of America 4th Ed by Newman$75.00
Interesting Notes About Christmas by Durand$22.95
Large Size Star Notes by Murray$25.00
Letís Collect Paper Money by Shafer$0.75
National Bank Notes - 2nd Ed.$35.00
National Bank Notes, 3rd Edition by Kelly$100.00
Obsolete Banknotes of New York by D. C. Wismer$20.00
Obsolete Banknotes of North Carolina by J. R. Pennell$8.00
Obsolete Banknotes of Ohio by D. C. Wismer$10.00
Obsolete Banknotes of Pennsylvania by D. C. Wismer$12.00
Obsolete Banknotes of VT$20.00
Obsolete Banknotes of Wisconsi$39.95
Paper Money of the U.S.$38.75
Private Bankers of the U. S. and Canada by Durst$10.00
Standard Catalog of Depression Scrip of U.S., 1st Ed$27.50
Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money 22nd ed.$29.99
Standard Guide to Small Size US Paper Money 4th Ed$24.95
Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money, 1928 to Date 4th ed.$24.95
The Comprehensive Catalog of U. S. Paper Money /Hessler$29.95
The Early Paper Money of America 4th ed.$75.00
The Engraverís Line by Gene Hessler$85.00
U.S. Error Note Encyclopedia by Sullivan$35.00
U.S. Nat. Bank Notes and Seals$40.00
United States Notes by J. J. Knox$25.00
United States Paper Money Errors 2nd ed.$24.99
Wisconsin Obsolete Banknotes and Scrip by Krause$39.95
World Currency
A Guide & Checklist World Notgeld, 1914-1947 - And Other Local Issue Emergency Money 2nd ed.$29.95
Banknote Collectorís Guide and Companion by Harris$1.50
Canadian Bank Notes, 2nd Edition by Charlton$59.95
Canadian Government Paper Money, 6th Ed by Charlton$14.95
Italian Paper Money$95.00
Standard Cat. of World Paper Money, General Issues, 8th Ed$65.00
Standard Cat. of World Paper Money, Modern Issues, 5th Ed$37.95
Standard Cat. of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues, 8th Ed$60.00
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues 1368-1960 Vol 2 10th ed.$65.00
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: Modern Issues 1961-Date 10th ed.$47.50
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues Volume One 9th ed.$65.00