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Books on Hobbies

Firearm Collecting - Accessories
Cartridges of the World 10th ed.$27.99
Metallic Cartridge Conversions$39.95
Old Gunsights - A Collectors Guide, 1850 to 1965$29.95
The Gun Digest Book of Sporting Optics$24.95
Firearm Collecting - Air Rifles
American Air Rifles$23.95
CO2 Pistols & Rifles$24.99
Firearm Collecting - Blackpowder
Black Powder and the Old West$24.95
Peters & King$44.95
The Complete Blackpowder Handbook 4th ed.$24.95
The Gun Digest Blackpowder Loading Manual 4th ed.$27.99
Firearm Collecting - General
2004 Standard Catalog of Firearms - The Collector’s Price & Reference Guide 14th ed.$34.99
Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values 8th ed.$34.95
Gun Digest 2005 - The World’s Greatest Gun Book 59th ed.$27.99
Guns Illustrated 2004 - The Standard Reference for Today’s Firearms 36th ed.$23.99
The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values 11th ed.$24.95
Firearm Collecting - Gunsmithing
Black Powder Hobby Gunsmithing$18.95
Custom Firearms Engraving$49.95
Fine Gunmaking: Double Shotguns$34.95
Gun Digest Book Of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly - Part I: Automatic Pistols 2nd ed.$24.95
Gun Digest Book Of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly - Part II: Revolvers 2nd ed.$27.95
Gun Digest Book Of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly - Part III: Rimfire Rifles Revised ed.$19.95
Gun Digest Book Of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly - Part IV: Centerfire Rifles 2nd ed.$19.95
Gunsmithing: Guns of the Old West$27.95
Gunsmithing: Pistols & Revolvers 2nd ed.$24.99
Gunsmithing: Rifles$24.95
Gunsmithing: Shotguns$24.95
Modern Custom Guns - Walnut, Steel, and Uncommon Artistry$49.95
Practical Gunsmithing$21.95
The Gun Digest" Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part V: Shotguns 2nd ed.$24.95
The Gun Digest Book of Riflesmithing$18.95
Firearm Collecting - Handguns
Big Bore Sixguns$39.95
Big-Bore Handguns$39.95
Classic Colt Peacemakers$21.95
Classic Handguns of the 20th Century$24.99
Handgun Hunting$24.95
Handguns 2004 16th ed.$24.99
Pistols of the World 4th ed.$27.99
The Gun Digest Book of the 1911$27.95
The Luger Handbook$9.95
Firearm Collecting - Military
Colt’s Single Action Army Revolver$34.95
Gun Digest Book of Sig-Sauer$27.99
Gun Digest Book of the Glock$27.99
Heckler & Koch’s MP5 Submachine Gun$24.95
Infantry Weapons of World War II$29.99
Machine Guns$29.95
Mauser Military Rifles of the World 3rd ed.$44.99
Military Small Arms of the 20th Century 7th ed.$24.95
Rifles of the World 2nd ed.$24.95
Standard Catalog of Military Firearms - The Collector’s Price & Reference Guide 1870 to Present 2nd ed.$24.99
The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons 6th ed.$24.99
The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery 5th ed.$22.95
Firearm Collecting - Other
Bolt Action Rifles 4th ed.$29.99
Handloader’s Digest 18th ed.$22.95
Modern Law Enforcement Weapons and Tactics 3rd ed.$22.99
Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson 2nd ed.$34.95
The Guns of the Gunfighters$34.99
Firearm Collecting - Shooting
Action Shooting Cowboy Style$39.95
Gun Digest Book of Sporting Clays 2nd ed.$21.95
The Gun Digest Book of Trap & Skeet Shooting 3rd ed.$18.95
The Top Shooter’s Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting$21.95
Firearm Collecting - Shotguns
American and British 410 Shotguns$49.99
Reloading for Shotgunners 4th ed.$19.95
Shotguns for Wingshooting$49.95
Shotguns & Shotgunning$39.99
The ABC’s of Reloading 6th ed.$21.95
The Browning Superposed - John M. Browning’s Last Legacy$49.95
Firearm Collecting - Winchester
Standard Catalog of Winchester$39.95
The Winchester Model 52 - Perfection In Design$34.95
Winchester Rarities$49.95
Winchester Slide-Action Rifles, Volume I: Model 1890 and Model 1906$39.95
Hunting & Fishing - Cooking
301 Venison Recipes - The Ultimate Deer Hunter’s Cookbook$10.95
365 Wild Game Recipes$17.95
The Complete Guide to Game Care & Cookery 4th ed.$21.99
The Complete Venison Cookbook - From Field to Table$12.95
You Cook It! - The Guy’s Guide to Game Cookery$14.95
Hunting & Fishing - Deer
25 Years of Deer and Deer Hunting$29.95
Aggressive Whitetail Hunting$14.95
Antelope Country - Pronghorns: The Lost Americans$39.95
Benoit Bucks$29.99
Big Bucks the Benoit Way - Secrets from America’s First Family of Whitetail Hunting$24.95
Deer Hunters’ Almanac 2004$9.99
Giant Whitetails$29.99
Greg Miller’s Greatest Whitetail Adventures - The Stories Behind His Most Memorable Hunts$19.95
Hunting Whitetails by the Moon$19.95
John Ozoga’s Whitetail Intrigue - Scientific Insights for White-tailed Deer Hunters$34.95
Legendary Deer Camps$34.95
Legendary Deerslayers$39.99
Mapping Trophy Bucks$24.99
Modern Muzzleloading for Today’s Whitetails$34.95
Modern Whitetail Hunting$19.99
Mule Deer: Hunting Today’s Trophies$19.95
Proven Whitetail Tactics$19.95
Quality Deer Management$39.95
Rattling, Calling & Decoying Whitetails - How to Consistently Coax Big Bucks into Range$19.95
Rub-Line Secrets$19.95
Shots at Whitetails - A Deer Hunting Classic$29.95
The Little Book of Big Bucks$12.99
Whitetail Behavior Through the Seasons$34.95
Whitetail Rites of Autumn$34.99
Whitetail The Ultimate Challenge$14.95
Whitetail Tracks$34.95
Hunting & Fishing - Fishing
Bassin’ With the Pros$19.95
Fishing Digest$24.95
Heddon Catalogs: 50 Years of Great Fishing$29.99
Hooked on Ice Fishing - Secrets to Catching Winter Fish - Beginner to Expert$14.95
The Complete Book of Saltwater Fishing$29.95
Tying Warmwater Flies$24.99
Hunting & Fishing - Fowl
Collecting Antique Bird Decoys & Duck Calls - An Identification and Value Guide 3rd ed.$27.99
Decoys: North America’s One Hundred Greatest$49.95
Grouse and Woodcock - A Gunner’s Guide$14.95
Innovative Turkey Hunting - Advanced Tactics from Brad Harris & Mark Drury$19.95
Spring Gobbler Fever - Your Complete Guide to Spring Turkey Hunting$15.95
Successful Duck Hunting - A Look into the Heart of Waterfowling$24.95
Successful Turkey Hunting$23.95
The Turkey Hunters$39.99
Turkey Hunting Digest$24.99
Hunting & Fishing - Other
Archer’s Digest 7th ed.$22.99
Bowhunters’ Digest - Advanced Tactics 5th ed.$22.95
Game Gun 2nd ed.$34.95
Hunting Dogs$29.95
Hunting North American Big Game$24.95
Hunting Upland Game & Waterfowl$24.99
Life at Full Draw$24.99
Paintball Digest$19.99
Successful Black Bear Hunting$24.99
Successful Small Game Hunting$24.99
Super Slam!$24.99
The Complete Book Of Outdoor Survival$24.95
Ultimate Outdoor Adventures$29.95
Hunting & Fishing - Predators
Predator Calling With Gerry Blair$14.95
Successful Predator Hunting$24.99
Camping Digest$24.95
Gambler’s Digest$24.95
The Game Inventor’s Handbook$14.99
15 Minutes to a Great Dog$12.95
Getting Started in Garden Railroading$24.95
Getting Started with Lionel Trains - Your Introduction to Model Railroading Fun$21.95
Model Railroading with M.T.H. Electric Trains$24.95
O’Brien’s Collecting Toy Trains 5th ed.$24.95
Railway Masterpieces$39.95
Railway Photography$29.99
Scenery for Model Railroads, Dioramas & Miniatures 3rd ed.$22.95
The HO Model Railroading Handbook 3rd ed.$19.95
The Large-Scale Model Railroading Handbook 2nd ed.$23.95