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Coin Cleaners and Preservatives

Jeweluster For Coins


A liquid tarnish remover for
silver, copper, and gold coins.
Description Price
5 oz Jar $4.00
1 Gallon Jar $34.95


Cleans all nickel coins, including Jefferson, Buffalo, Liberty, and Shield Nickels. Cleans copper, brass, and bronze coins also.
Order # Description Price
1256 NIC-A-LENE $4.98
1257 NIC-A-LENE 16 oz $12.00
1258 NIC-A-LENE Kit $7.50
1263 NIC-A-RAG $2.35
1264 NIC-A-TONE $4.98
1266 6-Pack To Go $21.95


Restores dates on nickels. Dates are restored by placing a drop of NIC-A-DATE over the date area of the coin. When the date becomes satisfactorily visible, rinse the coin with water, and wipe clean.
1259 NIC-A-DATE $4.98


Brings back luster in seconds on nickel, gold, silver, and copper coins
1260 NIC-A-SPRAY $4.98
1261 NIC-A-SPRAY Kit $7.50
1265 NIC-A-TONE Kit $7.50


Caution: Cleaning coins may reduce their value or otherwise cause damage.
Coins with significant collector value should usually not be cleaned.